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STEM Specialists Resources

The following resources will be vital to the work of Kids@Science STEM Specialists.  Please click on the image to access the resources.  

K-12 Science Framework

A Framework for K–12 Science Education provides a broad set of learning expectations for students as they study science and engineering throughout the K–12 years. The Framework guides the writers of the forthcoming Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS); will influence curriculum, assessment, and teacher professional development decisions for years to come; and ultimately will help inspire new generations of science and engineering professionals and scientifically literate citizens.

Recommended Resources   from Professor Wesson

Preparing the Next Generation Science Innovators:  Identifying & Developing Our Nation's Human Capital

This is a thorough research providing recommendations regarding the preparation needed for the Next Generation Science Innovators.


The Next Generation Science Standards have been adopted in California!  
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